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After you have Registered and PAID, bring a printed receipt to class and read the class details.  Firearm training classes are non refundable.

Our Services

Private Classes

If you would like to schedule a private class for you and a group please contact us, we will create a flyer that you can then email out or post on social media.

Gift Certificates & Vouchers

Buy a Gift Certificate for the person who has everything


If you have a voucher, this only covers the class fee.  The $25 range fee will still need to be paid.   Please add the voucher number in the note field when you register.  

Shooting Proficiency Only 

We offer Shooting Proficiency Only Test.  Includes one hour class time and LTC shooting test at the gun range.  


Register today with any class, except Sunday at our Katy/Memorial location.  Give the instructor your LTC101.  You will attend one hour of required class time then you will complete the shooting proficiency as a group.  


WALK-INS are welcome, you MUST call the morning of the class to verify availability or to ensure that class is still scheduled.  

Teenagers & Repeat Students

If you are a repeat Safety CHL/LTC Student or if you are a Teen between 13-18 years old attending with a parent, your tuition is waived.  Please fill out registration form with Name, Email and Date of class.   The class fee is waived but you will still need to pay for the range fee of $25.  

Legal Advice

Get legal and compliance advice for your personal life and your handgun from a highly skilled team of Lawyers.

ALL Class schedules and pricing are subject to changes based on availability and minimum attendance requirements.  Walk-Ins are welcome, you MUST call the morning of the class to verify availability.  (346-280-9749)


Firearm training classes are non refundable.