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The course material was great, the methods used to teach were relatable and the instructor made the class interesting and was able to keep everyone focused on the lessons.  This class was good for beginners and experienced persons who have some background in weapons training. 3/29/22

Toby S.

Cypress, TX

If you want to take a license to carry class I would highly recommend taking it from this highly trained professional and former Navy Submariner. The class time flew by because it was so entertaining and educational. Greg taught me how to properly hold a gun, load a gun, shoot a gun and laws about guns. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. 3/28/22

Stephanye S.


My husband and I came for a course yesterday and it was awesome! Time flew by as the instructor, Greg drew us in with tons of entertainment and valuable information. My shooting has definitely gotten better thanks to his instruction as well as my husband. Thank you again for a wonderful class. 3/14/21

  • Swan P.
  • Stonefield Manor, 

This was a great course, highly knowledgeable instructor and was a quick and painless process to get certified to apply for my State of Texas LTC. 2/6/21. 

Ulrich L.

Houston, TX

Great class with Mr. Greg Barone. As soon as we walked in we felt welcomed. We were expecting a boring class but we were wrong, definitely got a lot of knowledge and one on one experience we were looking for. Answered all my questions and explained in detail how the LTC works along with the dos and dont's. Definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to obtain their LTC. 1/10/21

Zarate C.

Houston, TX

"Awesome class. Greg was a fantastic instructor. I’m glad my buddy and I found this place. Definitely recommending this place to anyone I know that plans on taking their LTC class. "
T. Chapman

"My 20 yr old daughter and I attended Greg Barone's training course and I couldn't have made a better choice.  It was important to me not only that my daughter feels comfortable handling a weapon but that she understands the responsibility and accountability factors involved.  Greg's material was extremely well organized, educagional, informative with a high focus on quick decision making being made that may affect not only your life but iife in general.  A Five Star course." Claudia M

"Greg is a great instructor.  Very informatiive, helpful as well for those who are not experienced with handling/shooting.  Will definitely suggest the course to friends and family. "
David U