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LTC Student Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied CHL Qualified customers have to say:

Michelle R.



"I thought Greg taught the class very well!  I was nervous when I first walked into the class room but his teaching style put me at ease."

Natasha J


 "After realizing the class was 10 hours, I was concerned I would be completely bored... However, that was definitetly not the case! The class was very informative, I had no problem remembering the information given, the class flew by and was actually very entertaining.  Greg and Laurie helped everyone relax and eased any anxieties that arose.  5 Star Class!!!!"

Mary Lou C.



"Truly enjoyed the course.  I walked away with a heightened sense of awareness of the responsibilities involved with having a CHL."

Craig S.



"Thank You for educating us on the huge responsibility that we are taking on after taking the CHL Class, acquiring our CHL license, and actually carrying a concealed handgun."

LaJuana W.



"Class was very interesting and enjoyable.  Time went quickly.  Laurie (Course Administrator) was so helpful when I called for information to sign up for the class.  Some of the wording on the state written test was a little confusing.  I was a bit concerned about handling a gun for the first time and your class was very good. I will be sure to recommend Safety CHL"

Tim K.




"Class was extremely informative, flowed well and professional."

Jackie M.



"Excellent presentation, meaningful examples, very well organized, friendly and professional.  Well Done!  We will pass information on Safety CHL to our friends."

Javier M.


"Information presented was extremely helpful and a real eye opener.  Greg did a great job keeping me interested and entertained throughout the course.  This course was extremely beneficial!"

Christine L.




"Great Class!  Thanks for being so patient and for renting me a semi-automatic, so I can qualify to carry both SA and revolver"

Katelyn D.



"This class was extremely helpful to me. I feel like i learned a lot about how to safely use a handgun and I would definately recommend this class to my friends and family."

Shelley M.



"Great relaxed learning environment! I loved not feeling intimidated to ask questions!!"

Vanessa K.



"I thought the information was given in a great style.  There is nothing negative I can say about the class; instructor or otherwise.  I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot of important information."

Beth H.



"I thoroughly enjoyed this class!!!"

Mark R.



"Greg presented all the important information in an effective and enjoyable way that made learning engaging. Excellent class."

Alex A.



"The way the course is presented keeps you interested and it is very interactive.  I really enjoyed the class!"

Chun W.




"Material is very well presented.  I will definately recommend to my friends and coworkers."

Lynsey M.




"The Class was awesome.  I would highly recommend taking your CHL Class with Greg (instructor) and Laurie (Course Administrator)!!!

Holly H.




"Very Energetic, I enjoyed the class!"

Vivian M.




"The information was excellent and presented in an energetic style and effective format.  I loved it and learned a lot.  Incredibly useful information."

Anne E.



"Thank You for being so patient with me at the gun range.  Having anxiety is a scary thing"

Kandice G.




"Great Class!  Greg is engaging and makes the class interesting and fun.  I would recommend it to anyone!"

Maria G.




 "I REALLY enjoyed the class.  It has helped me understand more about the proper way to use guns as a last resort when ensuring my safety."

Ryan D.



"Great Class!  Great Instructor!  Great Experience!  The class is very educational on gun safety and improving relationships!  Will return in the future to learn and to laugh!!  Thanks So Much!." 

Susanne R.



"Although a long class,Greg made the class interesting and the time went by quickly.  Both he and Laurie were efficient, organized, and knowledgeable.  GREAT CLASS"

Susan R.




"Great Class!  Instructor is knowledgable and funny."

Kenny D.




"Awesome Class"

Ron W.



Excellent overall course presentation.  Entertaining, yet informative.  Presented without excess technicallity.  Positive Practical application of the material.  Excellent class"

Jay M.



"Excellent presentation for sometimes dry material."

Nancy W.




"Thank You so much for helping me shoot for the very 1st time.  You both were so nice and patient.  Excellent experience"

David P.





FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE !!! , FABULOUS !!!  I will recommend to many.

Liz R.




"Greg and Laurie are a great couple and it was great being in their class."

Delia P.




"The Class was VERY informative and educational.  I highly recommend this class to anyone that has considered obtaining their CHL.

Josh P.




"This class was excellent and really makes you think about the huge responsibility of carrying a firearm."

Vicki M.



"The class was better than I expected.  NOT Boring!  Greg presented and demonstrated the materials very well.  All the videos were great and I feel I learned a lot from this class."

Joe D.





"Good Class, Loved the videos, Really good guy for the class"

Tiffany P.




"Really Great Class!!"

John T.



"Great Class,  Kept my attention"

Mat T.




"Great Job by Greg and Laurie Informative and Entertaining"

Hoss L.




"An Overall Excellent Class with Great Instruction"

Cythia L.




"Excellent Class and presentation of the information.  I thoroughly enjoyed it."

April M.




"Really Great Class"

Wanda H.




"Awsome CHL course Laurie & Greg are wonderful.  GREAT INSTRUCTORAffordable & fun. Just do it"

James A.




"Greg was an excellent instructor and was extremely informative in the course. Both in the Class room and on the Shooting Range.  GREAT PLACE to get my CHL!!!"

Troy B.




"Safety CHL course was very informative in all aspects of firearm safety.  Instructor constantly insured that all students understood the responsibility of becoming a CHL holder."

Joseph P.





"I rate the overall experience as Excellent"

Steve H.


"Very Happy with course and the instructor, would recommend to anyone.  Particularly liked the sections on communication, awareness, and possible scenarios.  This class REALLY makes you think.... and begin to appreciate the immense responsibility of a CHL."

Paquito H.





"Excellent Class" 

Thu-Thao H.




I thought class was interesting and helpful.  I did the shooting at the range better than I would normally do.  Will be recommending to others."

Sean J.




"Far Exceeded my expectations in the quality of the presentation.  This Course is an Excellent Value."

Felisha S.




"Great Class!  Not as boring as I thought it would be."

Eddie S.




"Instructor did very well providing the information in a way that I was unaware it would be covered on the written exam."

Franklin R.




"The class was excellent - Well presented and you maintained everyone's interest for 10 hours! A great instructor - No one fell asleep!"

Sherrryl C



"Your class is very informative, comfortable and very comprehensive. I enjoyed your teaching delivery and I learned a lot."

Monika M




"Thanks for making the class entertaining, as well as informative! It made the time go by faster."

Sandra R.




"Great Class - The hours flew by!  Very informative, interesting and enjoyable"

Ronnie F.




Great Job!! Very informative.

Joe P.




"Good and Enjoyable Class"

Munir V.




"This was great.  I will refer people."

Leandro V.




"Great Class!  This class was much more than just meeting a prerequisite but also challenged me to evaluate my personal gun policy.  Will definitely recommend to friends and family."

Joe B.





"Excellent class very well presented and informative."

Charlie P.



"Greg gave relevant information to help me form my own "Gun Policy."  I had never really considered it before, but his challenging questions helped me think deeply about the importance of using deadly force."

Leslie P.



"Good Class! I feel confident in knowing the law and appreciate the different scenarios to prompt our thoughts."




"Very complete.  Educational, videos and scenarios demonstrated in a realistic way, awareness and need of constant alertness, acting with caution and consideration."

Bill H.




"Well Done!  - A Day well spent"

David C.




"Greg made the class informative and interesting.  I feel confident that I have the knowledge necessary to finish pursuing my CHL"

Jason J.




"Good Class Experience, I have friends and relatives I think would be extremely interested in attending this class"

Ray B.




"The program was well planned and presented.  I learned a lot that I did not know."

Ronnie T.




"Very Good, Informative class, Greg did a great job as instructor."

Donna T.




"Long Class, But never boring."

Ligia R.




"Excellent Information.  I feel very well informed"

Noah A.




"Great Course, interesting, really makes you understand how much a huge responsibility there is with having a CHL."

Ricky H



Not Boring! fun and very well presented.

Jorge C.




"The class was excellent, I really enjoyed it.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and polite."

Breeane W.



"Awsome Class! I will definately recommend to friends and family.  GREAT ORGANIZATION."